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Recently purchased a vehicle (2002 VW Passat 4motion, 140k mi) from this dealership, which is now located on 82nd (unless there are two locations). When I test drove the vehicle, the engine light was on and, of course, I asked the sales person about it. The explanation that I received was that the engine had been washed or cleaned and the reason the light was on was probably because water had gotten into the engine. He said that it was 'nothing' and that they would turn the light off. So, after test driving the vehicle (I couldn't comfortably go very far as there was almost NO gas in the car), with the sales person's assurances that the vehicle was in perfect condition, and looking it over as well as I could, I decided to make the purchase. Two days later when I took delivery, the engine light was off. Less than a week later, after TWO flat tires (in the one, the screw Les Schwab found could be repaired and in the other they found a nail in the sidewall so I had to purchase a new tire for $155), the engine light was back on. I happened to be in the area and stopped in to let them know, to see if anything could be done about it. The older lady in the 'service department' was hostile and after I explained to her what the sales person had told me, basically told me that, that didn't happen and that she didn't know what he was talking about. Then she proceeded to tell me that the engine light was nothing and don't worry about it. They said they did not have any openings for appointments until the next week and I hesitantly made an appointment. I decided to go to an independent shop to get a post purchase inspection; something in hindsight I should have asked to have done pre my purchase. Upon the completion of the inspection at Esquire Motors, there were many, many, things wrong with this vehicle. The list is as follows (verbatim):

Test drove car - VERY LOUD squeal fro right front brakes on most stops. Front pads are at 90%, rears have 60% pad material remaining. Front rotors are discolored and grooved-they are most likely not machined nor replaced when last brake job was done. The inner brake pad shims have detached from the pads, and the right rear inner pad is missing its shim. Rear rotors are also discolored and grooved-recommend replacing brakes, all pads and rotors front and rear.

*Check Fault Codes-There are two engine fault codes-

16815-Warm up catalyst; bank 2: efficiency below thresh hold

17831-Secondary air injection system Bank 1: insufficient flow.

Additionally, there is a fault code fro the Central control module for central convenience-no communication intermittent. Advise that this may mean that this control module is starting to fail. We have seen this module fail in cases where it has gotten wet (under the seat).

Inspect left front door handle-handle seems to stick when pulled gently lubricated latch and handle, and it didn't seem to help much. Door latch striker may need adjustment or latch may be worn and binding.

X-Check Brake Fluid-fluid near minimum

**Front brake hoses are starting to crack-recommend replace.

X-Check transmission fluid and note any leaks-transmission fluid is VERY DIRTY-recommend service, appears to be long overdue

X-Check coolant-there are leaks-there is coolant under the intake manifold-likely from coolant pipe or seal.

*Coolant seepage at radiator-lower right side.

X-Note visual condition of battery, battery securement and cables-loose and installed incorrectly.

X-Check engine oil-Oil leaks at cam adjust gaskets and both rear cam plugs.

Recommend replace-oil is 1 quart low.

X-Check exterior lighting-left front running light, fog light and side marker light all not working.

X-Note wiper and washer operation-wipers are streaky

X-Breather hose has been replaced with a rubber hose that fits poorly.

From the looks on the faces of the people who were in the office at Esquire, I could tell it was pretty bad. They told me that I should try to do something about it, As Is Condition, or not. So now I'm working on it. I'll be writing to the BBB and anyone else who will listen and try to get these people at Affordable Auto Wholesale to set things right. Hopefully you're reading this before a purchase and not after one like me. I can't tell you what a bad experience this has been and if you're thinking of purchasing a vehicle from them, JUST DON'T.

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To make a long story short, I'm still waiting for my title and license plate tags for a car I bought for them at the beginning of June 2011. It's now September, and I'm driving around with expired tags.

I had paid for them to take care of all the DMV paperworks, which they didn't. After a month of waiting to receive my papers from DMV, I called them. They made me feel like a fool for waiting so long to contact them. Hello??

Why did I paid you to take care of it if I had to file it myself. It turned out they never had filed my paperwork. After taking the car back and forth a few times, they finally claimed to have sent in my papers. After another month of waiting, I finally called them up again after receiving nothing from the DMV.

They told me they had just received feedback from DMV that they had entered my car info incorrectly so my paperworks couldn't be processed. They claimed to have resent the info to DMV again last week. I have a feeling there would be some more problems. I'm still driving around in a car with expired tags and with its check engine on.

Never have I ever encountered such a horrible place to buy a car from. Please be careful about buying a car from them!


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